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Ice Non-Alcoholic Low Sugar Botanical Drink 12x330ml Bottle

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One of the UK’s most innovative NoLo start-ups, ZAG was co-founded by Fraser Duncan and Jerry Goldberg. The two friends met up regularly over a pint, but had recognised that drinking at every social occasion was unnecessary (and damaging to their health and wellbeing). Alcohol-free beers and wines made them wish they were drinking the real thing, and soft drinks were far too sweet to stick with all night. At a loss for what to drink that didn’t contain alcohol nor compromise on flavour or ingredients, the pair put pen to paper and began to scribble down everything that was missing from a quality non-alcoholic drinking experience.

Pioneering the brand new ‘Social Softs’ drinks category, ZAG is the perfect refreshment for when you’re not drinking or cutting back whilst enjoying a social occasion or eating food.

Rather than attempting to replicate an existing alcoholic drink, ZAG offers an entirely new and unique flavour; blending familiar refreshing flavours such as cucumber, mint and citrus with less common, more adult flavours including green tea and natural hemp flavouring.


Carbonated water, deionised grape juice concentrate, grapefruit juice concentrate, lemon juice conctrate, black Assam tea essence, mint and lime natural flavouring, pectin (gelling agent), juniper extract and cucumber natural flavouring.



  • Gluten Free
  • Wheat Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

Nutrition Standard Measure: 100g, Nutrition Serving Size: 330ml, kJ Per 100g: 57, kJ per Serving: 188, kcal Per 100g: 13, kcal Per Serving: 44, Fat Per 100g: 0, Fat Per Serving: 0, Saturated Per 100g: 0, Saturated Per Serving: 0, Carbohydrate per 100g: 3.3, Carbohydrate Per Serving: 10.89, Sugar Per 100g: 3, Sugar Per Serving: 9.9, Fibre Per 100g: 0, Fibre Per Serving: 0, Protein Per 100g: 0, Protein Per Serving: 0, Salt Per 100g: 0


Best served chilled

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