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It is no mystery that Bloody Mary's are an acquired taste. Bloody Bens aim to change that, making a drink that can be enjoyed by all. Providing consumers with a bottled herby, spice mix for home use, this seller producers premium Bloody Mary mixes and a premium gin too.

Typically, Bloody Marys are all too average, Bloody Bens, Bloody Mary Mix solves that problem. No more scrabbling around the fridge or delving into the depths of your cupboards to find the right ingredients and no more worrying about balancing the flavours. One shot of Bloody Bens Bloody Mary Mix is all you need.

For the Gin, flavour is the focus, with this producer brewing in small batches, typically 60 bottles at a time. Their first Gin is inspired by Mallorcan dreaming and London living. It’s a traditional Juniper forward London Dry Gin with notes of Orange and Honey.
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