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Plenish Barista making coffee in front of coffee machine and Plenish plant milks
Plenish Barista making coffee in front of coffee machine and Plenish plant milks

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Find everything you need to craft the perfect coffee, fill the fridge and tempt customers with sweet and savoury snacks
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Why Shop From FodaBox Trade?

Are you a café or coffee shop owner looking to take your offerings to the next level? Look no further! FodaBox Trade is here to revolutionize your customers' café experience. Explore our exceptional range of drinks, snacks, and plant-based milks that will not only delight your customers but also boost your business. 

Our range is shipped quickly, directly from our producers' stock holding, so you'll reduce your carbon footprint on top of finding the best food and drink that will make your café stand out from the high street chains.

Make FodaBox Trade your go-to partner for success and elevate your café or coffee shop. Don't miss out on this opportunity to delight your customers and boost your business – join FodaBox Trade today for unparalleled quality, convenience, and the potential for increased profits!

The Perfect Brew

At FodaBox Trade, we stock everything that's needed for the perfect brew - whether that's tea or coffee, we'll leave up to you and your customers. We've carefully sourced the most amazing products from wonderful independent drink producers. Joe's Tea Co. offer a wide variety of tea, for coffee we have both Source Coffee and Dark Woods Coffee, and our range of plant milks comes from Plenish.

Drink Up

We also offer classic and more unusual beverage options to keep your fridges stocked with appealing cold drinks. Think pure young coconut water from Coconaut, bamboo water from Juno and refreshing fruit juices from the likes of Glug! and Flawsome! And for those who have customers in need of a boost, check out our range of healthy immunity shots.

Featured Drinks Brands

Shelf Appeal

So the fridge is full, but what about your counters and shelves? We have you covered with a wide range of sweet and savoury snacks and treats. For crisp lovers, we have a tasty range from Fairfields, as well as more unusual okra and mushroom crisps from Other Foods and even fruit crisps. For chocolate we have you covered with brands like Raw Halo, Original Beans and NOMOSU. And for the health conscious we stock a range of healthy treats, including nuts and protein bars.

Featured Snack Brands