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Find everything you need to stock your vending machines with unique and delicious range of drinks and snacks.
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8 x 4 grid of JOM Swedish Gummy Sweet Packets surrounded by loose sweets
8 x 4 grid of JOM Swedish Gummy Sweet Packets surrounded by loose sweets


Stock your vending machines with our irresistible selection of wholesale candy, sweets, and chocolate.
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Where Vending Machines Get a Flavour Upgrade

Bored with vending machines stuck in a time warp of candy bars and soda? Welcome to Fodabox Trade, where we're rewriting the snack story, one delicious bite at a time.

We're passionate about shaking up the vending scene, ditching the predictable and welcoming the bold, the buzzworthy, and the downright delicious. We partner with independent food and drink brands, the rising stars who are crafting flavours that tantalize taste buds. Think hand cooked crisps and artisan soft drinks that take you on a global flavour adventure, and healthy snacks that prove indulgence and well-being can be BFFs. We curate a diverse range of snacks and drinks that leave the "same old, same old" in the dust, offering vending machine users a taste of something truly special.

But Fodabox Trade is more than just a cool snack dispensary. We're your partner in building a vending experience that elevates your brand and keeps customers coming back for more. We're talking happier employees, energised students, and loyal gym-goers all thanks to a vending machine stocked with treats they can't wait to explore.

Here's how we make your vending machines the new office heroes:

  • Intrigue and excitement: Independent brands bring buzz and discovery, fuelling curiosity and turning snack breaks into mini-adventures.
  • Healthier options with zero sacrifice: Forget the cardboard-flavoured stereotypes. We offer delicious snacks that satisfy cravings and nourish bodies.
  • Convenience like never before: One-stop shopping for diverse snacks, drinks, and treats. We take the hassle out of stocking, so you can focus on running your business.
  • Boosts in sales and customer satisfaction: When your machines offer something unexpected and exciting, watch the coins roll in and happy smiles multiply.

We're passionate about bringing joy to every snack break, one vending machine at a time.

Ready to upgrade your vending game? Get in touch to see how we can help or create your account now.

Featured Drinks Brands

Shop For Vending machines

Welcome to FodaBox Trade, your ultimate destination for stocking vending machines with a wide range of irresistible products. Discover how FodaBox Trade can boost your vending business by offering a diverse selection of soft drinks, juices, hydration drinks, snacks, and much more.

Interesting and Unique Products

Our product catalog is packed with a diverse array of snacks and beverages, ensuring there's something for everyone. From classic and crowd-pleasing choices such as apple juice and ginger beer, to more usual options like yuzu soda, coconut water and vitamin selters - we have the products that will excite your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Refreshing Beverages

We understand the importance of convenience and efficiency. That's why we stock  both cans and bottles, to fit all vending machines. With our easy bulk buying options and reliable delivery service, you can stock your vending machines effortlessly and ensure that your customers always have access to their favorite drinks. We take the hassle out of restocking, allowing you to focus on what you do best – providing exceptional vending services that keep your customers satisfied.

Sweet Tooth Treats

Stock the latest trends to keep your vending machine a go-to snack stop. Our range of chocolates, mini meringues and gummy sweets are bursting with sugary goodness. We also cater to diverse dietary preferences, meaning many of our confectionery products are vegan, gluten free and dairy free.

Savoury Snacks on the Go

Our selection of savoury snacks are perfect for those seeking a quick and convenient snack. We stock items that appeal to both kids and adults, to ensure a broad customer base.

Crisps are a beloved UK snack, and we have an extensive collection. Choose from crisp selection, including potato, pitta chips, sourdough bites, and innovative fruit and vegetable crisps like plantain, mushroom, mango, dragonfruit and more.

For the health conscious, we also offer a variety of nutritious nuts, drief fruits and protein cookies.

Our wide product catalogue of soft drinks, juices, hydration drinks, chocolates, gummy sweets, crisps, dried fruits, nuts, and more ensures that your vending machines will be a hit wherever they're placed. Shop now and take your vending business to new heights with top-quality products that keep customers coming back for more!

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