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Gym break 3 guys drinking water
Gym break 3 guys drinking water

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Find everything you need to stock your gym or fitness centre with food and drink to boost energy and optimise recovery.
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Why Shop From FodaBox Trade?

Welcome to FodaBox Trade, your ultimate destination for stocking your gym, fitness centre or health club with a wide array of energy-boosting drinks, nutritious snacks, protein-packed goodies, and plant-based milks. Discover how FodaBox Trade can revitalize your gym's offerings and elevate your customers' fitness journey to the next level.

Our range is shipped quickly, directly from our producers' stock holding, so you'll reduce your carbon footprint on top of finding the best food and drink that will make your café stand out from the high street chains.

Make FodaBox Trade your go-to partner for success and elevate your gym or fitness centre. Don't miss out on this opportunity to delight your customers and boost your business – join FodaBox Trade today for unparalleled quality, convenience, and the potential for increased profits!

Hydration Station

Looking for drinks that pack a hydrating punch, energy boost or aid with post-workout recovery? Look no further, we've got you covered with a wide range of drinks. Think hydration drinks from MGP, vitamin infused seltzers from Catalyse, botanical infusions from Humble Warrior and more! We also offer still, sparkling, natural and flavoured water, coconut water and bamboo water, immunity shots and real fruit juice.

Featured Drinks Brands

Caffeine Kick

Find everything you need for your in house coffee bar. We've carefully sourced the most amazing products from wonderful independent drink producers. Joe's Tea Co. offer a wide variety of tea, for coffee we have both Source Coffee and Dark Woods Coffee, and our range of plant milks comes from Plenish. The new Plenish Barista trio of organic plant milk are delicious, foamable and made without any nasty additives. Perfect for hot drinks or smoothies.

Snack Attack

Fuelling a successful workout is hungry work. Make sure your customers meet their fitness goals with our healthy snack range featuring fruit and veg crisps from 5th Season, Soul Fruit and Other Foods, nuts and seed mixes from Boundless and vegan chocolate for a guilt free treat. We also stock high protein products, including Eleat cereal and energy bars from MGP Nutrition.

Featured Snack Brands