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Two people carrying multiple bozes of Olly's snacks olives and pretzel thins
Two people carrying multiple bozes of Olly's snacks olives and pretzel thins

Olly's Snacks

Snacks so good, you'll want to stock up (and refuse to share)
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Oven baked
Olly's only 130 calories per portion blue icon
Under 130 Cals Per Portion
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Hassle-free Snacking
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Sustainably Focused

Pretzel Perfection

Olly's pretzels are ready to revolutionise your shelves (and your customers' taste buds)! Ultra-thin and impossibly crisp, Olly's are the real deal – satisfyingly crunchy and addictive from the first bite. Olly's pretzels are baked and boast lower fat and calorie counts than crisps and popcorn, making them a perfect choice for health-conscious consumers. All non-chocolate varieties are 100% vegan, broadening your appeal to a wider audience. Ready to add Olly's to your snacking squad? Shop now and bring irresistible crunch and chocolatey bliss to your stores!

Olly's multi-seed pretzel thins being poured into mouth by man wearing cap
Olly's sour cream and onion pretzels and sandwich in a blue lunchbox
Olly's baked pretzels on a pink tray held by oven gloved hands
Olly's milk chocolate pretzel pouch being held by smiling person
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Vegan Friendly
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No Stones
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Source Of Fibre
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Ethic-olly Sourced

Olive At First Bite

Elevate your snacking selection with Olly's, and their exquisite range of Greek pitted Halkidiki olives dressed to impress in three delectable marinades. These mouthwatering morsels are meticulously packed into mess-free, portion-controlled pouches – ideal for on-the-go indulgence without an oily residue or artificial nasties. Vegan-friendly and a healthy powerhouse, with only 75 calories per pouch and loaded with fibre making them a must have for health-conscious snackers.These olives are never pasteurised which means they maintain their natural flavour, texture and nutritional benefits.

Olives woman laughing with Olly's basil olives in mouth and holding snack pouch
Olly's chilli and rosemary olives in a blue lunchbox with sandwich and drink carton
Olly's two people with lots of pouches of Olly's olives being thrown in the air
Olly's person looking at a bowl of olives with hands reaching

Reviews of Olly's


What can I say? I ordered a box of milk chocolate covered pretzel thins and I regret it already! Salty? Sweet? Together? Oh yes! I have had to hide the box from view so that I am not constantly tempted! Luckily the bags are a good sharing size!


olly's for ever

I love Olly's olives and have sent them to grandchildren returning to school and university to keep their spirits up and to share with friends. Always a huge success.


The Olives are perfect

I love Olives so gave these a try and they are delicious. I like the fact that they come in an individual pack so that you can take them with you and eat when you like.


These are truly delicious

They are my favourite snack - super tasty and low calories too.



These taste delicious and are very satisfyingly crunchy. Only trouble is they are so moreish that you end up with a serious habit very quickly!


Very tasty

I was very impressed with the olives just the right amount to pop in a lunchbox or have with a glass of wine of an evening


Olly's man with a selection of Olly's snacks olives and pretzels

Meet Olly - Yes, He's Real!

Olly's started in the kitchen of the actual Olly back when he was a young optimistic olive lover. He wanted to rejuvenate the world of olives with new flavours, colour and character. So Olly began marinating olives in his kitchen (to his parents' dismay) and selling them at farmers markets.

People loved them, in fact they loved them so much Olly decided to pivot away from his path to becoming a doctor and focus on olives (to his parents' dismay again!). His brother Sam, and close friend, Yingdee, decided to join forces with Olly for the journey. And the HMS Olive set sail…

Over the next 3 years Olly's olives could be found across the UK and internationally. The garlic and basil olives were even the official olive on a number of airlines!

With the olives now in the full swing of the feeding planet’s feel good, the team at Olly's thought it would be rude not to bring more delicious snack creations to the people. And that’s exactly what they did… Across the space of 18 months the range of snacks grew, with the birth of Olly's pretzel thins and chocolate covered pretzel thins!

That takes us to now. While it’s important for Olly's to keep health at the forefront of all the snacks they create, for Olly's the number 1 focus is on the taste experience, as a snack is nothing without massive flavour and mouthwatering taste.

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