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Plenish Full Product Range
Plenish Full Product Range


Plant-powered juices, shots and milks

Why Plenish?

We’ve dedicated a decade to the pursuit of perfect ingredients, untampered with. Our m*lks, shots and juices are all made with the promise that no flavourings, preservatives or chemicals have gone into them. No corners cut, no ingredients with funny names. If you see Plenish on the label, you know that you’ll find only organic, plant-based produce inside. We make naturally delicious plant-based drinks out of the best ingredients on earth. We’ve made it our mission to protect the natural flavour that comes out of beautiful produce – which means we use only organic ingredients, and we add very little to them. No flavourings, no preservatives, no additives. No need.

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Reviews of Plenish

Soya M*lk Multi-Pack (8 x 1l)

Perfect - just soy beans and water - really great for tea and froths beautifully for delicious barista coffee - thank you and I use Plenish Soya milk in all recipes that call for milk - perfect!

Verified Customer

Almond M*lk Multi-pack (8 x 1l)

Great milk for a great price.
Few ingridients makes it easy to determine that it's a quality product!
I do enjoy it.


Oat M*lk Multi-pack (8 x 1l)

I love the simplicity of Plenish Oat M*lk and that it's organic, Just 3 ingredients but a lovely creamy taste and smooth texture. The best oat milk I have tried.

Verified Customer


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The Plenish Story

When our founder Kara moved from New York to London in 2012, there was much she loved about her new home but one thing she desperately missed. After years of fighting off illness and fatigue, Kara had a break-through when a nutritionist transformed her diet with nutrient-rich, cold-pressed juices. She simply couldn’t find in the UK, so she started making them in her kitchen using the finest organic produce she could find. First they were just for her, then for friends and eventually she started a website. Ten years later, our cold-pressed juices, shots & plant-based milks are now sold in thousands of stores across the UK and we’ve sold millions of drinks from our online store. We’ve grown quickly but at the heart of Plenish is still the pursuit of perfect ingredients and the mission to keep their natural goodness intact, all the way to the glass.


We don’t sweeten them, we don’t add oil or gums and we don’t add flavourings. We’re convinced that when you keep adding to perfect produce, you’re really taking something away from it; and that the best flavours come naturally. So we keep things simple, meaning you can enjoy the full taste of nature, uninterrupted.


We’re uncompromising about our flavourful fruit.
So it doesn’t need processing – only pressing. Cold-pressing involves squeezing the goodness from organic produce without applying any heat, which might damage the flavour and nutrients.

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