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Purposefully Planet Based Chocolate and Biscuits


We love chocolate. We’ve always loved chocolate, but somewhere along the road it lost its way. So, we went on a road trip and thanks to our children decided to bring real chocolate back, only better. We hope you enjoy every bite. We make delicious chocolate that enables all of us to make healthier choices for ourselves and our planet every single day. Chocolate that contains no palm oil or refined sugar, is low in natural sugar, vegan and dairy free and wrapped in compostable packaging.

Get Your Chocolate Fix

Try Prodigy Roasted Hazelnut Chocolate Bar - A classic combination. Crunchy whole roasted hazelnuts smothered in rich cacao chocolate. A kiss of caramel sweetness and a sprinkle of sea salt to get the taste buds tingling.

Enjoy Prodigy - Phenomenoms Chocolate Coated Digestive Biscuit. A very different kind of dunk. Crunchy and crumbly, this is our take on a much-loved classic. A satisfying and snappingly thin wheat free digestive base covered in rich cacao chocolate.

A British staple, we created our delicious, refined sugar free, vegan version fit for modern lives and modern bodies. The uniquely thin biscuit base is
drenched in cacao rich vegan chocolate and delivers on taste and

100% Plant Based Icon Leaf

We are purposefully vegan and use no animal derived ingredients.

Climate Neutral

We tread as lightly as possible and offset our emissions.

People Positive

We consider people, planet, and palate in everything we do.

Reviews of Prodigy

Just Like I Remember

As someone who has not been able to eat sugar for medical reasons for a very long time, getting a nice chocolate biscuit has always been hard. Husband approved of them too, high praise indeed!


Best Chocolate

Just received my chocolate and biscuits. Firstly, the packaging is great, and the hazelnut chocolate is delicious 😋 Vegan, dairy and gluten free is the best news. Definitely recommend.


So Good I Scoffed The Lot

These were too good. I'd intended to bag them into individual portions but as soon as I tasted one, I kept going and scoffed the lot! They were just too good.


Proud to Be A Certified B Corp

We are facing a planetary and environmental crisis, the decisions we make every day are having a huge effect on Mother Earth. Small, collective changes in our choices can lead to big wins for our planet.

We believe that by choosing to chomp on Better Chocolate and coming together as a community of changemakers, we can harness our collective power and begin to heal the big stuff.

By purchasing our products you can play your part in cleaning up our oceans and environment, whilst positively impacting your gut and mental health.

13M Plastic wrappers have been saved from the environment.

21,000kg of refined sugar saved from consumption within our community.

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